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Create Your Own eTRIBE or eCITY Website Portal

Another component to our eWakpamni business is helping other state, tribal and local governments set up their own affiliate “e” commission-based shopping portals. We have worked hard to develop the contacts at these and other major online retailers and the knowledge to design the site and the commission structures, and we can help you set up your own e-TRIBE affiliate commission-based shopping portal. For rural, isolated, and large land-based tribes and towns, there are many benefits, here are some of the benefits we see:

  • Community Health & Safety: The Wakpamni Lake Community is located a minimum of 4+ hours roundtrip, through the Badlands, from any major retailer. Shopping for our community was already expensive and potentially dangerous during hot summer and cold winter months. Now with COVID it can be deadly. Encouraging our community to shop online saves travel resources and protects the health of our community and elders.


  • Commission for Purchases Already Being Made: Like many governments and businesses the Wakpamni Lake Community (WLC) and the Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation (WLCC) already make purchases from these companies – whether it is gifts and prizes for our weekly community bingo gatherings or building supplies for one of our community construction projects. By forming these affiliate relationships, we now get a commission for the same purchases at the same prices, and those proceeds subsidize the programs listed above.


  • Your Regular Purchases Contribute to Tribal/Local Government Needs Without Any Extra Expenditures: If you live in Wakpamni Lake or in Pine Ridge, if you are one of our partners, or if you just want to make a positive impact in a tribal community – you can make your same online purchases at the same prices but help our community out with the commission by using our eWakpamni portal. 

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